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With the internet facilitating a more open dialogue about women’s safety and issues that crop up in the workplace, more and more organizations are taking the onus upon themselves to ensure that all employees feel safe. While corporate culture can greatly be affected by establishing protocols to deal with sexual harassment and hostile behavior, another key way to ensure women’s safety is by offering an employee transportation system that you can actually rely on!

Though this may seem like a tiny step, it actually goes a very long way in not just making everyone feel safe and comfortable during their commute, but also establishing a sense of trust and reliability in the organization itself. So, with that in mind, here are 3 unbelievably simple ways you can ensure women’s safety with the help of your employee transportation service provider:

Start by hiring a reputed company!

You’ll find a host of companies as well as individual vendors that offer employee transportation services to various firms. However, even when taking your pick of the biggest names in this industry, you must thoroughly vet the company before signing the dotted line! Word of mouth is one of the best indicators of the quality of service offered by such companies so speak to their clients to find out how they are faring. If you hear a lot of reports of bad behavior and tardiness, you know you should cross that name right off your list!

Vet the drivers to be on the safe side!

While reputed companies ensure that they conduct a thorough background check when it comes to all their drivers, it doesn’t hurt to do the same at your end. Simply checking to see if their licenses and basic identification paperwork are in order can help you weed out unsuitable drivers from the roster. Ask all drivers to provide you with:

  • A copy of their driver’s license
  • A copy of their Aadhar card
  • Any contact information that you may require

This will increase your sense of security and ensure that don’t spend restless nights wondering whether employees are safe while commuting!

Check whether all vehicles are in order!

Finally, you’ll need to check whether the vehicles you’ve hired are all in working condition. Many organizations use Tempo Travellers to ensure that many employees from the same area can travel to and from work together, and this greatly cuts down costs. Ensuring a few basic things like clean seats, healthy tires, and a well-maintained exterior and engine can prevent any unfortunate accident while on the road. If you are dissatisfied with the vehicle sent to pick up your employees, you can always ask the service provider to change it for another one.

This holds true for cars as well. Always ask your vendor to send you well-maintained cars over ones that look like they’re on their last leg.

Additionally, when it comes to the safety of women, ensure that there are panic buttons and GPS navigators available in all vehicles so that you can keep an eye on the route being taken. Random surprise checks to see if the panic buttons function can also go a long way in preventing anything untoward from happening!

With more and more women entering the workforce and spending long hours at the office, companies must ensure that they show their appreciation for their hard work by ensuring their safety at all costs. Getting in touch with an employee transportation service provider can really help you with the same! So, start making calls today!

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