Control Room

Our Control Room has the facility to keep track of virtually everything to do with Sea Hawk, at this centre.

Live Tracking

Real-time GPS-based tracking and updates.

Driver App

Track driver on the move.

Hardware Integration

Panic Button, GPS Camera, RFID and microphones.

Technology driven company who pioneered end-to-end automated system in transport sector. Our Process Automation centers around the corporate fleet management with human resource sector, management of workshops, and financial operations.   Constantly on look out for latest updates on technology and integrating them into our system to optimize and enhance our operations in the most efficient way.

Our system has in-built features of real-time routing, proper scheduling, and live tracking of vehicles.

Our installed GPS is complemented with data analytics which helps us to improve our performance.

Through this user-friendly automated system, the margin for error is drastically reduced which helps us in enhancing drivers’ performance and our operations effectively.