Ensuring Safety

  • All the regulations, as enforced by concerned Authorities for Commercial Vehicles and Drivers, are strictly followed and complied with.
  • Monitoring of each Vehicle through GPS tracking devices.
  • Only experienced, well-behaved and educated drivers are deployed, who are well aware of the safety norms.
  • Extra safety measures are taken for female commuters.
  • All the vehicles and drivers have emergency numbers and Control Room numbers, for any help.
  • All the drivers have Mobile Phones (Hands Free) and Charger fitted in the vehicle.

Safety Measures For Drivers While Driving

  • Checking of Air Pressure of all tyres including spare tyre.
  • Checking of adequate Fuel Level.
  • Fastening of Seat Belt and locking all doors before start.
  • Take vehicle through scheduled route only.
  • Not dropping any staff midway without permission.
  • Take Security Marshal in case Female Staff is travelling alone at night.
  • Keep Central Control Room / Site Operation Team informed, in case of any emergency.
  • Not to allow any unauthorized person/s inside the vehicle.