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  • To ensure the safety of our vehicles, all the drivers are made aware of the latest developments in the maintenance of the vehicle.
  • Regular full-day vehicle checks are conducted with training programs to keep the drivers in check.
  • The training covers areas such a vehicular maintenance, proper healthy checkups of the vehicle, the procedure to handle the vehicle in case it breaks down, and defensive driving.


  • Rash driving can be a problem. Drivers are made to understand that safety is paramount for the best cab service and reaching early or fast should not compromise to drive fast and rashly.
  • Road Safety Awareness programs make sure that the drivers understand and follow road safety rules and regulations under any condition.


  • All the regulations, as enforced by concerned Authorities for Commercial Vehicles and Drivers, are strictly followed and complied with.
  • Monitoring each Vehicle through GPS tracking devices.
  • Only experienced, well-behaved, and educated drivers are deployed, who are well aware of the safety norms.
  • Extra safety measures are taken for female commuters.
  • All the vehicles and drivers have emergency numbers and Control Room numbers, for any help.
  • All the drivers have Mobile Phones (Hands-Free) and Charger fitted in the vehicle.


Sea Hawk boasts of having its own Training Department.

We have specified training programs for Drivers and we conduct regular fortnightly and monthly trainings.

The Driver’s Training Program is divided into two parts:-

1. Induction Program
  • This is a training program for new drivers.
  • This program covers introduction about the company, job procedure, rules & regulations, safety measures, interpersonal skills and legal compliances.
2. Routine Training
  • This training is for all the drivers and the staff and is conducted on quarterly basis.
  • This program serves as a memory refresh, and the feedbacks received emphasise on safety measurements, interpersonal skills, rules and regulations and continuous improvement.


  • We have 24/7 Control Room to attend all operational calls. At time of any breakdown / emergency, they immediately respond by providing backup cab / informing mobile cab to reach at the emergency location.
  • 3 Mobile Backup cab are stationed around the city which quickly respond to any emergency call and reach the destination to fix the breakdown cab or make necessary arrangements.
  • Panic button is installed in every cab that is accessible to the boarded employees. Panic button is pressed to signal control room in case of any emergency / contingency.
  • GPS is installed in each cab which helps to track down the breakdown cab and instant backup is provided.


The process of Recruitment:
  • We have a referral Recruitment Procedure in place to hire drivers through the existing staff or our professional network.
  • It is a must for the Candidates to have a valid Commercial Driving License. Candidates are interviewed and selected after testing their knowledge about vehicles and should be aware of their local maps and routes.
  • We have a rule of taking a separate driving trial and regulations test.
  • All the documents of the candidates are authenticated.
  • Documents Required: Commercial Driving License, Residential Proof, Identity Proof, Four Photographs and name & address of two guarantors/references who are familiar with the candidate.
  • The Driver deployed under training enjoys a backup fleet for 15 days and is observed strictly to properly analyze his awareness towards safety, driving ethics, knowledge of routes, discipline, and interpersonal skills.
Background / Criminal Verification:

  • We conduct a proper Police Verification and Background checks that includes Court and Criminal cases involvement if any for all employees on a routine basis.
  • We also have our own In-house team to verify the credentials of our Drivers and staff.


  • Sufficient backup fleet is always available to meet any emergency/contingency.
  • Sea Hawk is capable to deploy 25 vehicles with 4 Site Supervisors / Manager within 12 hours notice and approx. 100 vehicles within 15 days time.
  • A well equipped and experienced team is always available to ensure continuity of Business by effectively managing operations.
  • 24×7 Central Control Room to keep a close tab on traffic situations such as Road Blocks, VIP Movement, Traffic Diversion / Congestion etc.
  • All the Drivers and Operation Staff is completely familiar with operational cities, capable of deciding alternate routes.