Process of Recruitment

  • Referral Recruitment Procedure is followed to hire drivers through existing staff or our professional network.
  • Candidates should have valid Commercial Driving License.
  • Candidates are interviewed and selected after testing their knowledge about vehicles and NCR Routes.
  • Driving trial and traffic rule awareness tests are taken.
  • The authenticity of all the documents is checked.
  • Documents Required: Driving License, Residential Proof, Identity Proof, Four Photographs, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and name & address of two guarantors/references, familiar with the candidate.
  • The driver is deployed with the backup fleet for 15 days and is kept under strict observation to properly analyze his awareness towards safety, driving ethics, knowledge of routes, discipline, and interpersonal skills.

Background/Criminal Verification of New Recruits

Sea Hawk prioritizes safety and security of its customer. To ensure security measures, the company has appointed third party vendor, M/s Hamari Suraksha Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., to provide its services for verification of Staff.

M/s Hamari Suraksha Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is authorized by the Police Commissioner of Gurgaon.

We also have our own In-house team to check/verify the credentials of Driver/Staff.


Training Program

Sea Hawk has its own Training Department. We have specified training programs for drivers and other staff and conduct periodic training for the same at our Central Control Station.

We have Driver’s Training Program in two parts:

  1. Induction Program – Training for New Drivers (one time) – This program covers introduction about the company, job procedure, rules & regulations, safety measures, interpersonal skills and legal compliances.
  2. Routine Training – Training for All drivers/staff (conducted on a quarterly basis) – It is a memory refresh and feedback program which emphasize on safety measurements, interpersonal skills, rules and regulations and continuous improvement.