Business Model


Sea Hawk has a fleet of 50% owned vehicles and other 50% on hired basis.

Sea Hawk has complete control on the hired vehicles in terms of documentation and operations. We emphasize on proper maintenance as well as punctuality of all the vehicles on the scheduled points.

Operations Team is responsible for tracking the vehicle’s movement and keeping its record on day-to-day basis. Operations In-charge at Central Control Room keeps a close track of the vehicles.

Site Manager is the direct contact with Client’s staff. He works according to their need such as, arrangement of type and number of vehicles required, alongwith route details. Site Manager is also responsible for feedback implementation received from Client, in order to improve the facilities provided.

Maintenance Team takes care of regular and periodic maintenance of the vehicles. For better maintenance of vehicles, team make sure that the vehicles are being serviced / maintained by the authorized service station only.

Central Control Room: We have 24x7 hrs. Central Control Room to cover the entire operations and provide support, if needed. Contact numbers for CCR are available with all the drivers.

Vigilance Department keep a tab on cabs / drivers for speed, consumption of alcohol / drugs, traffic rules violation, misbehavior. This department also take surprise checks of vehicle related documents.

Training Department: Sea Hawk has its own In-house Training Department. We have specified training programs for drivers and other staff. These quarterly training get conducted at our Central Control Room Station.

Workforce of 10 extra personnel is available ranging from Junior Supervisors to Senior Managers, who are well-versed with all the operational details.