Our Business

Sea Hawk is one of India’s leading Transport Solutions Company, with 24×7 operations throughout the country and a proven track record of safety and security for clients.

Sea Hawk is currently providing Transport Services to Industrial Houses/Corporate Sectors like BPO’s, KPO’s, IT and ITES companies.

Established in the year 1999, Sea Hawk emerged as market leader in the employee transport sector. With around 20 years of expertise in providing safe, efficient, reliable and quality driver service. Sea Hawk is catering to more than 35 clients with a fleet size of more than 1500 vehicles covering 3 Lakh kms every day.

Our Company endeavors to provide an enhanced customer service environment to its clients while maintaining cost effectiveness and reliability. We believe that a well equipped, experienced and trained workforce is the backbone of any successful organization. Every Employee of the company is a trained professional who acts as a part of the chain of command with a defined role and dedicating himself to the smooth and efficient functioning of the organization. It is because of this highly organized and professional workforce that the company is recognized as the market leader in providing safe, reliable and on-time transport services.

Our Vision

To be the benchmark for safety and reliability in the field of Transportation for all other companies in its field and to continue raising the standards of service in the transport industry.

Our Mission

  • To be a high performance, quality driven organization that serves and supports the client’s operations and exceeding their expectations.
  • To maintain steady and sustainable financial growth and provide an enriching, fulfilling, and rewarding environment for its employees.

Sea Hawk ensures a healthy working environment for its employees, by valuing their need and for providing growth opportunities within the organization. This has resulted in a very low employee attrition rate of less than 3%.


% Customer Retention
% Attrition Rate
% Customer Satisfaction


Enhanced Service Level

By providing safe and punctual transport services

Cost Efficient

Extensive matrix prepared to balance out transport capacity and optimize fleet usage.

Smooth and Reliable Transportation

Easy interface to find the Transport schedule and Vehicle availability. Back-up fleet of more than 100 vehicles and manpower available all the time for emergency requirements.

Time Management

By saving time through Proper/Correct Routing


We are a pioneer in the field of transportation acting as a trendsetter for various initiatives which have now become standard ranging from Wireless Communications, G.P.S, CNG Fleet and now Complete Automated Transportation Solutions.

First one to have ISO 9001:2000 certified transport company. We are the leading employee transport service provider in NCR.

As a Group, we are one of the strongest and biggest players in India.

More than 200 vehicles and dedicated personnel always at standby to tackle any urgent transition or implementation.

We have our own Safety Trainers and conduct weekly Driver Training Programs at our Central Control Room to meet the client’s requirement.